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Getting tested for Chlamydia is easy, and can be done by your GP, at Family Planning Clinics and at Sexual Health Centres. The most common test for Chlamydia involves collecting a urine sample (peeing in a cup). Sometimes, a swab may be used. Getting your results usually takes a few days or a week; treatment for Chlamydia is two anti-biotic tablets taken at the same time.

In Canberra, you can get a Chlamydia test at

Canberra Sexual Health Centre

Building 5, Canberra Hospital, Garran (Entrance off Gilmore Crescent)
Find CSHC in Garran (Woden Valley) — SEE MAP HERE!

Canberra Sexual Health Centre opening hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9am - 2pm
Wednesday 1.30pm - 3.30pm
No appointment necessary

Phone 02 6244 2184

Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT (SHFPACT)

Level One, 28 University Avenue, Canberra City, ACT
Find SHFPACT in Canberra City — SEE MAP HERE!

SHFPACT opening hours
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.
Appointments or more information call 02 6257 5710.

or with your local GP.

What a Chlamydia Test Involves

Testing for Chlamydia infection has become very simple. In fact there is no need to undress or be examined by a doctor or nurse since the test can now be done on a urine sample. There are two main ways to test for Chlamydia infection:

1. pass a small amount of urine into a sterile urine container
2. have a swab taken from the cervix (in women) or the urethra (in men) and/ or from the rectum (back passage) if you have had unprotected anal sex

Most of us would probably choose the urine test anyday! But sometimes it’s just as simple to have a swab taken. For example, if you are a woman having your routine Pap smear, a swab of the cervix can be taken at the same time. If you are a man and are having an examination of your genital area as part of a check up or because you have symptoms you’re worried about, it can be very straightforward to have a swab of the urethra taken at the same time.

Of course, when you visit your GP or another health service for a Chlamydia test, it’s likely that they won’t just send you off for a test and nothing else. Ideally, they will spend a bit of time talking to you about your health and sexual health generally, and explain what the test involves and what will happen if it is positive.

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Getting tested for Chlamydia is easy and has become very simple. More >

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